What motivates gig economy workers?

Freedom from the structure of having a boss and the benefits of flexible working conditions such as the ability to work from anywhere, means that it is easily possible to work for multiple companies. Indeed, the Gig Economy is a go to work option and younger generations are leading the way. What was considered a fringe employment model has now become mainstream. In the United States, the Gig Economy is growing three times faster than the traditional workforce model with 36% or one-third of U.S. workers actively involved in the Gig Economy.

Freelancing opportunities are mostly offered online, providing more flexibility and autonomy for workers, however there are a lot of other reasons why so many people are making the shift towards freelancing. 

What motivates them?

  • In a new Pew Research Center Survey it was found that most individuals wanted to be involved in the Gig Economy because they found it fun and they wanted to do something with their spare time. Making gig work more fit for students who wanted to earn money and gain valuable experience and references while on school holidays. 
  • Being a freelancer helps regular employees fill in gaps or fluctuations in income. Moreover, job offers in the Gig Economy doesn’t necessarily require strict hiring qualifications for as long as you can provide quality service agreements then you can earn additional money. 
  • Like what was said earlier, being a freelancer provides flexibility in schedules leaving more time for you to do other things like seeking social connections or wanting to have time to do hobbies, or spend time with the family.
  • Opportunities in the Gig Economy know no boundaries. It also promotes remote work which allows individuals from different continents to have a job even as a part-timer. It is also one motivating factor why Gig work is booming. 
  • Lastly, being a gigger also gives valuable experiences and valuable networking connections, which are both great if you are looking for a diversified portfolio.
  • The money is good, the time is even better, and the different projects that you can work on enhance organisational skills, and add to your list of transferable skills that employers look for.

A number of digital platforms have been developed that match people to jobs. These platforms represent technological evolution coupled with the ongoing shift of the labour force movement to independent work. You can easily find a job that fits your experience and interests from sites like Upwork, one of the largest freelance marketplaces in the world, and LocalSolo, a marketplace focusing on local freelancers in major cities.

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