What to do when you are laid off?

Cost-cutting, workforce reduction, relocation, buyouts, and mergers are among the most typical causes for layoffs. Instead of terminating their employees’ contracts, business owners have alternative choices. Now what do we mean by getting laid off? If there is less demand for your sort of job, your company may be forced to make cuts. Your employer has the right to instruct you not to come to work, but they must still pay you full salary in most situations. Laid off workers are typically eligible to get unemployment benefits. However,if you’re not an employee, such as a temp, you can’t be laid off because you don’t have a right to paid work. A layoff is not the same as being fired without cause.

We cannot totally blame the business or company for why you were laid off but at some point, you may ask yourself ‘why you’? Well, the process is that the  Human Resource department and leadership teams collaborate to determine which employees will be laid off in a performance-based layoff. The department boss compiles a list of the lowest-performing staff, while HR verifies that performance evaluations are consistent. As we mention performance-based layoff, it does not necessarily equate that you are not good enough. What is best now after being laid off is you do these following things too…

  1. Check your feelings – We understand that it’s easier said than done, but it’s in your best interests to remain calm and collected.
  1. Acknowledge that it is not your fault – The unfortunate reality is that even the finest employees are vulnerable to layoffs. Understand that being laid off is not the same as being fired.
  1. Seize control of the situation – You may feel dejected and perplexed after receiving the terrible news, but getting back on track might help alleviate the pain of the unexpected layoff.

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