Put yourself in a crowded place while in interview clothing attire as you pace back and forth in the hope of getting a job. Your feet are swollen and there’s nothing you can do but to keep on walking and ask different employers to hire you. Difficult isn’t it? Good! This is what job hunting might be like without technology, internet access, communication devices and advertisement for jobs. The continual development of digital technology has made communication accessible even from the comfort of your own bedroom. 

If you are tired of riding the same bus and seeing the same road or doing the exact same job for years, then maybe it is about time to take a break from the traditional work setting and look at all the options available within the Gig Economy. 

As modernisation and innovation changes the world of technology, creating new and wonderful devices for the betterment of society, it can be seen that younger generations are seeking jobs that provide balance: decent earning potential without the cost of losing happiness and peace of mind. If you are also in search of this kind of job, the Gig Economy is the key! Now, being a freelancer doesn’t necessarily require your physical presence for a physical face-to-face job interview (which by the way, saves you the cost of transportation) because it can be done online! With the use of the internet, hundreds and thousands of job opportunities are being posted by different sites: 


Airbnb, Inc. is an American online marketplace company that connects people who want to rent out their homes with people who are looking for accommodations in that locale. Now if you’re into housing and marketing, then this platform is suitable for your skills. There are several other real estate brokering platforms that can help you to rent, own, invest, or sell property all online. 


Is an on-demand staffing platform that connects job seekers and businesses looking to fill their labour needs. Wonolo, which stands for “Work Now Locally,” helps individuals get known and get hired by also helping underemployed companies in need. 


It’s considered the world’s largest online retailer. This is where customers can find anything they might want to buy online at the lowest price possible. Now if you want to be part of the marketing industry then this platform is essential for you to kick-off your business.  You can easily and quickly start up your own selling and reselling business. Buying cheap products from overseas, and selling for a marked up price on line through Amazon is a common second income for many people. 


This company helps customers find babysitters, tutors, pet carers and senior care helpers. The site has since expanded to offer other services, such as housekeeping and care for military families and people with special needs. So if you are a care provider, then Care.com is a great site for you to advertise your skills.


Bellhops arrange simple, easy, and stress-free moving services. In fact, it is the fastest growing moving services company in the US. Being a Bellhop mover is a good part time job to have because you get to create your own schedule depending on your own flexibility. 

There are tons of sites where freelance jobs are offered but the companies stated above are some of the best known providers of gig working jobs. Moreover, citing the Upwork Freelancers Union, more freelancers believe their career is more stable than a day job by having a diversified portfolio of clients rather than a job with one employer. 

This is true because, in the Gig Economy, skills and talents are not just focused on experience but also depend on the willingness of the person to learn new things and create something good out of it.  You are your own boss, you work for yourself when you want, and you can earn a good living from it, whilst also spending more time with your family, or doing what you are passionate about.

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