Why are micro-influencers winning the market?

With their great ability to relate to people, influencers are fast becoming the new face of marketing a brand effectively as they win the hearts and minds of their followers. Marketers are trying to take advantage of influencer marketing strategies as it is the latest buzzword in the marketing arena, and both consumers and brands are relying on influencers for their own reasons.

Even if influencers are deemed effective to influence a customer’s decision of buying products, many marketers are still in doubt whether to focus on branding or targeting an audience. However, not every company can afford big-name celebrity influencers as they are really expensive to sign a contract with. Although we cannot neglect that having a popular personality that will endorse your brand is effective. Do you need a celebrity, or a person with a personality and a following? We do not need to have the best sportsperson selling your product when an average Joe can do just as good a job, since they have a personality and a following. 

If you are an SME owner who wants to take advantage of the influencer marketing wave, then consider collaborating with micro-influencers. Here are some reasons why micro-influencers are winning the market for your reference: 
  1. Accessibility – the rates that micro-influencers charge are much more affordable when compared to the celebrity influencers, and this has made them more appealing to brands.
  1. High engagement rates – unlike celebrities that are bombarded with thousands of reactions and comments in their social media posts a day, influencers are winning the market when it comes to fan service for they have a small number of followers enabling them to engage with each of their followers on a personal level. 
  1. More genuine – for all the big brand collaborations, agents, and press kits, influencers are increasingly perceived as having lost their authenticity and having become more like commercialized media companies. This is a benefit of having a micro-influencer because people perceive them as more experts in a specific field they endorse. 
  1. They are niche – they know your niche, they target your niche, and they are passionate about your niche. They have focused on one specific brand, one specific concept, or product and they learn as much as possible about that, to become an expert in that singular area. Their followers therefore understand that they know that product better than the people who made it, and want to have what their new idol has. 

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