Why are Start Ups similar to Giggers?

Every business begins small; but not every small business is a start up and not every business in their first year is a start up. A definition by Eric Ries states, “A startup is a human institution designed to create a new product or service under conditions of extreme uncertainty.” This is one of the ways that we differentiate small businesses and start ups and comes down to the uniqueness of services they provide that transcend boundaries in our everyday life. 

The advancement of technology brought us to a new way of living. Now building a company can even begin in the comfort of your home and by just accessing the internet. From one man teams to a thriving group of skilled individuals, a startup company is no different to those gig workers in our society. 

Giggers build amazing tech, provide services, use and develop products under conditions of extreme uncertainty. The continual state of flux in the gig economy is very similar to the start up ethos, where everyone has to wear multiple hats and do many jobs, to keep the company going. A good worker in the Gig Economy wears different hats all day, and can quickly change them. 

Startup companies are also similar to gig workers because, in a startup company, its early stages involve one-three people willing to take risks and invest in the future of their ideas, focused, passionate and organised. These entrepreneurs are also marketing their skills and talents in the form of a tangible or intangible product that can be compared to the freelancers that totally invest in the advancements of their knowledge in order to gain more reach. Start up companies are more complex because entrepreneurs put intense focus on the growth of their business not just locally but globally! 

Startup companies in definition are easy to understand however, the complexity of this concept is broader since every startup company has their own experiences to learn from and challenges to overcome. It can be understood that every individual has the ability to grow a startup company given that today, everything is fast paced and each day is different, full of opportunities. 

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