Why do you need a Communication Plan?

A Communication (Comms Plan) Plan is a written communications strategy that includes actions designed to attain certain organisational goals or objectives. Planning how to communicate can be for a short or long-term goal. It can vary depending on projects, campaigns, strategies, customers, targets and can be different internally and externally. The duration of your communication strategy varies on your target audience and the plan depends on how you want your message to be effectively comprehended. 

It is vital for any organisations even for small and medium enterprises, to have a Comms Plan. Take note that this written paper is different from the business’ marketing plan. Successful businesses aren’t made overnight, hence there are people who invested in strategic planning and execution to achieve their goal. 

You want your message to be heard by the right people, at the right time, and in the right context. Make a plan! Failure to plan your communications can also have serious reputational implications for your business. Communication can either build or break your reputation so it is important to take calculated steps on how you aim to send your message. 

The reason creating a Communications plan is harder than it seems is down to the fact that we often see what should be rather than what is. But even if the process is difficult since you will have to assess the proper channels to be used, find the right words to deliver your thoughts. Make sure that the length of your Comms Plan efficiently meets your objectives. 

It is a good practice for businesses to consider creating one because it helps their brand build a stronger relationship with its stakeholders. If you are guided all throughout the process of giving your message that makes you consistent. As we say, clarity is necessary so people would understand what you really mean. 

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