Why should you read more?

As a child, we were told to read books as much as we can. From fairy tales to encyclopedias, reading has been a main source of entertainment for many people in the past and as technology takes over, a library of books began to be available online for easy and accessible reading. So, what is the point of this article? That is to encourage you to read more. However, as we grow older, the genre of books that we read changes, which is why it is necessary to choose what knowledge you would like to insert in your mind and how that knowledge could possibly affect your perspective. 

Who reads more? According to Kantar data, 51% of UK adults say they have read a physical book in 2018 and out of 51%, only 34% of those adults who read books are categorised as ‘heavy readers.’ 

Many people live their lives on autopilot meaning they do the same thing every day. However if we look at the habits of successful people it is often the case that they are heavy readers. Bill Gates as an example reads one book per week, while Mark Zuckerberg reads one book every two weeks. To top that, the successful engineer, Elon Musk is an avid reader. 

Now why do they read? One way people can learn new ideas and fresh concepts is through reading insightful books. Although we can learn by doing things on our own through making mistakes; sometimes this route can have fatal consequences for our businesses. We need to exert effort to equip our minds with knowledge that will help us perform better and make better decisions for our business. Obviously we have to be selective about what we read. We can’t just read fiction novels and expect to gain learnings that will benefit your business; of course aside from entertainment, we should make sure that we read relevant books that are educational. 

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