Why working overtime is BAD?

Investing a huge amount of effort and time in your job won’t do you any good. You should stop working the long hours even if you are working from home. Although Brits are known for being hardworking, there are many reasons why it doesn’t pay off. Research found that the average British adult is only productive for four and a half hours a day. Even if you are working long hours, you are not productive for the full time you are working. 

Being forced to work from home can mean earlier starts, later finishes and longer days, but it can also mean more distractions and less productivity even though you are working.

Flexibility is a nice benefit for employees in this unprecedented time but should low productivity be tolerated? 

The researchers discovered that putting in lots of overtime could decrease the quality of one’s work. Understandably, working overtime is not always a choice someone makes consciously because there may be some unavoidable factors forcing you to spend more hours than you need.

But it is BAD! Why? 

  1. It deteriorates physical health – just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you should be working longer hours and spending too much energy on your job. Moreover, you don’t need an expert to tell you that it affects your physical health because you would feel and see the implications of it. 
  1. Negative effect on mental health – working more than the hours required even if you’re at home does not help you get any better in finishing your task. In fact, overtime creates more stress and insomnia.
  1. Decreased productivity – like what we’ve mentioned earlier, working overtime doesn’t guarantee productivity, and what more, it can affect the quality of work, right? Putting in long hours doesn’t mean you’ll get more work done. 
  1. Disrupts work-life balance – of course, spending too many hours at work also burns you out. Thus, having no enough time to spend for yourself each day isn’t healthy. More time at work means less time for yourself and you should always put yourself first. 

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