Why you should learn Data Analysis for SME

Starting a business does not only mean having the ability to market your products and earn profit. Those are key indicators and key reasons why people start a business, but there are so many other reasons as well. We can recall how having a mission and a vision for a business is crucial to help you stay on track.  Staying on track is also crucial for keeping in touch with the reasons why you started the business in the first place.  Don’t lose yourself in the field of issues that running a new business can bring. 

Operating a business entails different responsibilities that you, the owner, might not be able to do by yourself. There are always going to be jobs that are beyond your scope of understanding and ability. There are jobs that you might want to do to push yourself and learn something new, and there are jobs that you simply can not do and you need others to join in for their support. 

As the 2019 Coronavirus places the world on lockdown, businesses need to replan their strategy when it comes to marketing their product or services. Of course, you need to know what catches your target customers attention to help your businesses gain more clients and business. You also need to react to regulations, situations, consumers and issues that are brought up daily. 

We can sum it all up in the importance of data analysis. 

A data analyst serves as a gatekeeper for a company’s data so stakeholders can have a better understanding of the data and use it to make strategic business decisions. The roles this job plays is beneficial for every business and gives them more control of their marketing and growth strategies. 

Now you might be wondering how SMEs can consider hiring more highly paid professionals when the pandemic has caused profits to drop and customers to go elsewhere. 

If you are a potential business owner, you can start keeping track of your business’ data and transactions by learning the basics of Microsoft Excel, critical thinking, and data visualization. Yes, there are other skills a data analyst should have but if you are a business  owner, you can start analyzing your sales and publicity strategies to help you figure out the next step to reach more audiences that can listen to all their rants and commentaries.

The more that you target and focus, the lower the costs for Marketing can be, and the more you can engage with your customers. 

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