Will Royal Mail deliveries continue through the Winter?

Royal Mail has been delivering for over 500 years and if we were to talk about the speed and the quality of service, the UK Royal Mail has mastered the art of delivery. Even during the height of the pandemic, they continue its service all throughout the country. Although extended opening hours are about to come into effect and changes to the handling of deliveries are being made, like when staff will step away to a safe distance while you pick up your item. As winter approaches, a question lingers again on our mind – will The Royal Mail continue operations even during the cold season? 

Royal Mail doesn’t deliver on Sundays and on other public holidays however if you are concerned if your post will be delivered even during the snow and cold winter months during lockdown then don’t worry because their service is still committed to run all through winter. Of course, take into consideration that your mail could be late or rescheduled, and only if situations would place the postman in danger during the season. 

Should you need to use their mailing service be sure to comply with national and international regulations governing the carriage of mail, and ensure that mail in transport does not present a danger to the general public. The Royal Mail has restricted or prohibited items which you can see here.

As Christmas is just around the corner. Here are the latest recommended posting dates from Royal Mail. They can take care of your post even if you are away or your business is closing for the Christmas break. Christmas is the busiest time for them with so many parcels and letters coming through. That’s why every year they hire temporary Mail Centre workers to deliver across the UK. 

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