Working hours and Productive hours: When should you work?

Suppose you are a virtual assistant who needs to work from nine in the morning to twelve in the afternoon; however, your productive hours begin after twelve, should you work? Of course you should because that’s the time you and your client agreed on. The right question to ask is: are you producing quality work? 

Most people work between 9-5 and the stigma that it is a “waste of time” and “unenjoyable” has been circulating since the dawn of work. Of course, there are people who are happy and content working in this regular shift and some of course don’t. Whichever one are you? A 9 to 5 job will always have a positive impact if you are in the right mindset. Moreover, let us not just limit our idea of working hours to the 9 to 5 schedule. There are also freelancers who need to work for a certain hour in a day for an employer, or certain days of the week.  Work anywhere and you will see that all work has commonalities in the long run. 

When employees are not happy anymore, they are less productive and less focused.

So, should you work during work hours? Yes. But should you also work when you’re productive even if it’s outside of your regular working hours? 

As long as you feel that you are not compromising your mental health then have a go. It is advisable to settle all work on time so that you can have ample time for yourself too. Being a freelancer, you are mostly independent of the time you want to work but a good practice of maintaining your productivity is to also set an hour of working during the day to avoid being too caught up as an employee. 

The United Kingdom has currently over 2 million freelancers, and most people choose it because of the amount of  indepence it gives but if you can’t manage to organise your schedule as a freelancer, you might as well end up as a trapped 9-5 regular employee. 

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