Young UK Entrepreneurs That May Inspire You

The United Kingdom was ranked 6th out of 190 countries in the World Bank’s 2018 Ease of Doing Business index. The strong entrepreneurial environment, which dates back to the Industrial Revolution, is firmly rooted in our spirit of invention and initiative. While we go forward into the twenty-first century, a wave of young people around the country is emerging with brilliant business solutions.

Even the pandemic can’t stop us – effects of COVID-19 and subsequent lockdowns – figures started to climb in 2020, with a 15% increasing number of young entrepreneurs launching their own enterprises compared to 2019. In fact, when it comes to supporting youth entrepreneurship, the United Kingdom is one of the most advanced in the world. Young people have access to a range of courses and programs that can provide cash and coaching to help them develop their potential. That being said, here are some young UK entrepreneurs that may inspire you to go forward successfully. 

Nina Devani is a 16-year-old entrepreneur who launched her firm, DevaniSoft, when she was barely 14 years old. Devanisoft is a company that provides computer software to help users remember their passwords so they don’t have to save their information online and risk being stolen.

Grace Beverley’s forays into the fitness industry. She founded her first company, B ND, which manufactures vegan-friendly resistance bands, while still in her first year at Oxford University, and has been dominating the fitness industry since then.

Jack Parsons sees his mission as improving the odds for young people who lack formal qualifications and feel let down by the system. He is known as ‘The UK’s Chief Youth Officer,’ and he works to help them find placements, apprenticeships, mentors, and jobs. After having a difficult childhood and being neglected by teachers, Jack founded The Youth Group in 2017.

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