Cheapest place to rent in UK

In the present economic situation, many buyers are finding it even more difficult to purchase a home. A growing number of people are opting out of getting a mortgage and staying in the rental market for the better part of life. Whilst renting, people want to save money, so it is good to rent somewhere cheap.  But where can you find the cheapest areas to live in the United Kingdom?

According to Generation Rent, 13 million individuals in the UK rent from a private landlord, accounting for one out of every five people. Renting is common among younger families; just approximately 41% of household heads aged 25 to 34 own their houses. Renting is also the most frequent type (59.2 percent) among low-income families (those earning less than 300 GBP per week). According to Brookings, income varies greatly by rental home. Low income families have a certain type of house, and high income families have a different type of house. 

This list of the cheapest places to rent in the UK is perfect for anybody who needs to rent somewhere to call home while saving enough to purchase their own property.

1. Stoke-on-Trent is the cheapest city in the UK for renters to rent an apartment, with an average monthly rental cost of £489.22, according to recent figures disclosed.

2. Birmingham, with an average room rent of £405, may be an affordable alternative for individuals who can afford to pay that much for a single room, often in a shared house.  Students for example might share a house with each occupant paying rent on just their room. .

3. Rent in North East Lincolnshire is rather inexpensive at £425 per month.

4. The monthly rent in Liverpool might range anywhere from £361 to £999, according to the information provided by Nestpick’s database. Compared to other major cities in the United Kingdom, the cost of renting a home in Liverpool is quite low.

5. Burnley is also on the list, with an average rent of £400 per month.

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