How can businesses attract more women in technology and leadership positions?

Women hold just 7% of the tech jobs in Europe. This figure is alarming, especially given the importance of technology in today’s world, when businesses and society rely so heavily on computer-based systems and the internet. Even though times have improved and more women are choosing to pursue engineering and web development, it remains difficult for women to get into this male-dominated field. And once they go into it, they find themselves in a dead end job with limited opportunities for advancement or promotions. Men’s professional paths appear to be pre-determined; the (male) bosses have already laid the foundation.

Businesses who invest in attracting and keeping women in Tech fields, on the other hand, often yield considerable benefits.According to the World Economic Forum, eliminating gender disparities in employment and entrepreneurship may boost global output by as much as 16 percent. However, how can women compete with their male coworkers who are on their way to becoming executives? How can businesses attract more women in technology roles and leadership positions?

  1. Make the hiring process more inclusive- Businesses could attract a broad pool of candidates through a variety of methods, including gender-blind recruitment and selection, which is becoming increasingly common.This guarantees that employers evaluate applicants only on the basis of their abilities and expertise, without allowing unconscious prejudices to affect their judgment.
  1. Consider flexible working hours- Women, in general, shoulder the majority of child care responsibilities, and working times are frequently a factor that steer women away from particular occupations. However, this should not rule out the possibility of them doing an excellent job.
  1. Improve transparency around pay- Despite the fact that the wage gap is narrowing, Men are given greater compensation for the same job at the same firm 60% of the time. Improved wage transparency is perhaps the most effective approach for businesses to minimise pay disparity.

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