Importance of Transparency During A Disaster

If people do not know what you are doing in an emergency situation, you are probably causing more chaos. Knowing where people are, what they are doing and why, will help to manage a situation. Disaster management requires transparency. Transparency helps individuals make educated choices during a tragedy. Hence, in this article, let’s look at why being transparent to yourself and others is crucial in saving lives and reducing potential harm.

Importance of transparency during a disaster:

  1. Builds trust – When leaders and institutions are transparent, the public has more confidence in them. Transparent leaders make individuals feel respected and more willing to follow orders.
  1. Fosters accountability – Knowledge empowers citizens to demand accountability from the authorities and other organisations. This prevents power abuse and maximises the utilisation of resources.
  1. Reduces panic – Informing individuals about the circumstance and activities reduces panic and impulsivity. Doing so may lessen the likelihood of further damage or harm.
  1. Boosts cooperation – Informed individuals may collaborate to solve problems and help one another. This improves reaction and recuperation.
  1. Minimises fake news – Misinformation and rumours spread during disasters. Leaders can fight this by being upfront and providing correct information.
  1. Ensures fairness – Disasters need equitable resource distribution. Making distribution transparent may help guarantee this.
  1. Promotes understanding – Following a disaster, it is critical to reflect on what occurred and learn from the experience. Leaders may support this process by being honest and ensuring that lessons are learnt and adopted.
  1. Prevents Corruption – Disasters usually cost a lot. Transparency on the part of leaders may assist in preventing corruption and ensure that resources are utilised for what they were meant for.

Upon understanding the essence of transparency, businesses should also provide a trusted platform where their employees can practice transparency, and this can begin with a reliable communication channel such as Conxhub which knows business disaster communication requires transparency. It provides a variety of solutions to increase transparency and improve disaster-related communication safety among businesses since the technology allows groups to notify stakeholders via text, email, social media, and voice. 

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