Calling UK from Spain

Spain is one of the most renowned travel and expat destinations in the world, offering anything from tropical coastlines to one-of-a-kind architecture. With magnificent food and wine, sun and sand, and of course the siestas, there is something for everyone. It is a great place to visit, or even life.  

Spain is also well-known for its laid-back culture and exquisite cuisine. Large cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia each have their own cultures, languages, and attractions! Festivals like La Fallas and La Tomatina attract large audiences of both residents and foreigners. If you are considering moving there, or just popping over for a visit, you should always make sure that you can contact home when you need to. 

Calling United Kingdom from Spain

Calling to the United Kingdom from anywhere in the world is simple if you have the correct international and area codes. Yet, you should also consider the fee of international calling plans when deciding which method is best for you.

To call the UK from Spain, use the following numbers: 

00 – 44 – Area Code – Land Phone Number

00 – 44 – 10 Digit Mobile Number

When calling the United Kingdom from Spain, use the phoning format given above.

00 – Spain’s exit code, which is required to make any international call from Spain.

44 – United Kingdom’s ISD Code or Country Code

Area code – The United Kingdom has a total of 611 area codes. When an area code is required, enter the area code for the locality in the United Kingdom from which you are calling after dialling the ISD Code. When there is no area code, follow the ISD Code with the recipient’s phone.

To call a telephone in the United Kingdom, first determine the area code, then punch the area code (2 to 5 numbers) and the local number, a total of ten numbers. Although the majority of UK telephone numbers are 11 digits in length, certain localities continue to use a combination of 10 and 11 digits.

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