Emergency Apps You Should Have On Your Phone

Apps on mobile phones can be really useful, as well as stress relievers when you want to play a quick game of Candy Crush! There is more that apps offer these days, communication, game play and saving your life are important features of the apps that should be on your phone! 

As the saying goes, “there’s an app for anything,” but the best applications are the ones that help you get out of a jam in an emergency. Your smartphone is one of the quickest, most simple, and most accessible means to get information to you and from you in an emergency. From natural catastrophes to medical situations, our iOS and Android emergency applications can help you get what you need.  If you share the apps with your family, they can also remain in communication, and remain with you in emergencies. 

Let’s do a quick rundown of helpful emergency applications you can download on your smartphone in no time. 

  • Here WeGo, a good Google Maps or Apple Maps substitute, is available for free on both Android and iOS. It allows you to download maps before your journey so you can use it offline, making it a good choice for international travel. It provides turn-by-turn instructions for walking or driving and price information for taxis and public transportation. Knowing where the nearest taxi rank is could be valuable. 
  • Visual 911+ flashes emergency signals without network access or grid power. To let your “lifelines”—the individuals you choose to notify when you’re in danger—know you are in alert status, it will send them an email if the power and networks are available. The email contains a link to Google Maps giving your rough GPS position and directions to locate you by scanning for your phone’s visual signal. 
  • MyRadar is a weather radar with add-on layers that is a straightforward, dynamic picture of local and national weather. For instance, the hurricane layer lets users monitor real-time storm courses and set warnings if they reside in the storm’s path. Rain notifications provide personalized storm forecasts and rainfall info to aid preparation and emergency response.
  • bSafe is a personal safety app that incorporates an SOS button, voice activation, live streaming, a fake call, location sharing, and a timed alert. It might be personal gear in unsafe situations as it can be linked to trusted persons and emergency contacts.
  • First Aid by American Red Cross is an app including first-aid emergency instructions. Additionally, you can access professional guidance during tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, and floods as well as emergency weather notifications.

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