How to enable Wi-Fi calling in iPhone and Android Phones

As mobile networks may not reach every location and periodically experience disruptions, Via Wi-Fi calling, you may leverage your house or business’s Wi-Fi connectivity as a backup. Nevertheless, you should first enable the function on your iPhone or Android smartphone. Wi-Fi calling is supported by both Apple and Android smartphones. Without the need for your cellular service provider to act as a go-between. It’s an excellent choice for making high-quality calls indoors or in areas with limited mobile network coverage.  Obviously you do need Wifi Connection, and a steady Internet connection.  If your internet connection is weak, guess what….. Your calls will suffer too. 

So, because both the iPhone and the Android have the Wi-Fi calling feature, we may be intrigued to compare if both devices provide the same Wi-Fi calling utility. Well, not all devices support Wi-Fi calling. You must have a smartphone with built-in Wi-Fi calling options. Most Android phones and latest iPhones offer Wi-Fi calling. For that, you must have an iPhone 5c or newer and be connected to a compatible network provider. Also, take note for Android users that  Wi-Fi calling is not supported on these Android phones (Samsung Galaxy S7 / S7 edge, Motorola Moto e5 play, LG X charge, and LG X power). Besides that, Wi-Fi calling is not automatically activated on your smartphone, but it is a very simple procedure for both iPhone and Android to get it activated. Initially, ensure that your device is linked to a WiFi network, then continue with the procedures below:

How to Enable Wi-Fi Calling in iPhone

To the home screen, go to Settings > Cellular > Wi-Fi Calling. Swipe the Wi-Fi Calling on This iPhone option to the green position > When the box displays, choose Enable > A pop-up screen will display informing you that you have dialed 911; hit “Continue.” Set your emergency address, which tells emergency personnel where you live if you dial 911.

How to Enable Wi-Fi Calling in Android

Slide up on your device to view all of your installed applications> Settings> Network & Internet> Mobile Network> Advanced On that screen, turn on WiFi Calling by tapping the button next to it. 

If you can’t locate this option, lookup for WiFi calling on your smartphone and you should be directed to the proper setting.

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