How to protect your phone from robocalls?

You have a passport number, a driving license number, ID numbers, bank account numbers and a mobile phone number. They are all connected as a part of your ID, especially your online ID, Our mobile phone number is an extension of our home address. Just like any other information, phone numbers are private and must be kept confidential as much as possible. With the number of accounts linked to our phone numbers, it is getting harder to manage where our data goes and how it is managed.

A lot may agree that there is an increasing concern about suspicious calls and spam messages that we received. In fact, 5.51 billion robocalls in January 2023 were received by Americans alone. And what’s worse is that scams make up an estimated 40 percent of all robocalls

What is a robocall?

A robocall is a prerecorded phone call made by a computer. Millions of phones are reached daily through robocalls, which are used by legitimate businesses, telemarketers, and con artists. These scammers will consider your number “useful” if you pick up the phone, even if you don’t fall for the trick.

How to protect your phone from robocalls?

1. Hang up when you recognize a robocall. The fewer interactions you have, the safer. Talking or reacting may designate the call as “live” and expose you to more. It’s common for robocalls to begin with a query like “Hello, can you hear me?” and the target’s first reaction may be to say “yes” without giving it any thought. They may then keep a copy of your confirmation and use it to commit fraud. If you can help it, just try not to agree to anything.

2. Manage your telecoms. To protect your phone number from being leveraged by cybercriminals, you must manage the mobile number that you use for your work, business, and personal transactions. You may add a VIP service to your phone number so you can guarantee your number is secured.

3. Report the call. Hitting ‘block’ is not enough to stop these robocalls from attacking. Thus, it is imperative that when you receive one, you must instantly report it to authorities so legal actions can be taken and these scammers can be traced.

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