How To Set Content Writing Prices

Writing is not just writing, it is also reading, researching, thinking, planning, editing, proof reading, the list goes on.

Setting freelance writing rates is tricky. What’s a reasonable freelancing rate? When you need money, you set your minimal writing cost. If you’re unsure how much you should bill for digital content, you’re never alone. There are a variety of price models that content creators utilise, and we’re going to break them down for you here.

How To Set Content Writing Prices:

1. By the Project (Flat Rate)

Flat rate pricing, often known as charging by the project, is a technique of billing in which you charge a predetermined amount for each project you receive. Paying per project is simpler for one time customers or those on a budget. There shouldn’t be any hidden fees or charges, since they are aware of the whole cost upfront.

2. By the Word

Word rates are another option. Your writing will be compensated at a set rate per word, and a target word count will be established by either you or the client. This is another basic and easy-to-calculate customer billing system. As it depends on a few conditions, this is a little different. Set a price for each word you write and use it consistently for all of your projects, regardless of length, if you want to charge by the word.

3. By the Client (Retainer Rate)

In the business world, retainers are agreements between a client and a service provider for ongoing compensation. Typically, a client will pay an entity a predetermined sum of money each month in exchange for a set of services that are provided during that same time. This pricing structure is ideal for clients that have continuous, recurring projects they need help with.

4. By the Hour

Hourly fees are popular for freelance writers and clients. Everyone understands hourly rates, and they’re easy to manage and compute. You decide how much you’ll charge per hour of labour, keep track of the time you spend on various tasks, and then submit an invoice to your client.

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