Managing Sick Days As A Freelancer

Everyone needs a break. It could be a planned break like a holiday or birthday, or it could be unplanned like sickness. Freelancing allows you the freedom to choose your hours and work from any location that suits you. Well, what if you suddenly get sick? 

When you’re sick, life is miserable. Since there is no sick leave to take advantage of like regular employees have, thus, working as a freelancer can be very stressful. If you’re a freelancer, it’s crucial to know that taking sick days wisely can help you maintain client relationships while giving you time off to get better.  Managing your own personal health and mental health means that you can be more successful in your freelance role. 

How to manage sick days?

Tip 1. Timely Communication

Customers need to know about your condition as soon as possible. Many clients are flexible and willing to change the deadline if they need to take the day off work due to a cold or the flu. All that is required is prior notice, so don’t wait until the last minute to reveal that you won’t be able to meet a deadline.  If you feel that you are getting sick, it is best to tell people, so they can manage your workload with others if needed, or you can manage expectations better. 

Tip 2. Plan Ahead and Get Help

If at all feasible, try to predict how long it will take you to recuperate and how you will patch things up once you become well again. This may entail modifying payments, due dates, and other requirements. For some freelancers coping with days off due to sickness, it would be good to employ the services of a professional accountant to manage your financial situation when you are unable to. You still need to be paid, and invoices still need to be sent. 

Tip 3. Focus on Your Recovery

To succeed as a freelancer, you must not worry about missing a day of work due to illness. When an employee gets sick, most companies already have a plan in place; and it’s only fair that you do the same. You must put up all the necessary efforts to immediately regain your health. To accomplish this goal, you should give 100% of your attention to bettering yourself.

Getting well means that you can get back to work and get earning again. 

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