Virtual Assistant Challenges

There are executive assistants, office assistants, sales assistants and a variety of useful people doing useful jobs in an assistant capacity. A virtual assistant or VA is a person who works remotely as a committed asset for their client to lessen the workflow of the business owner or a certain team. The way organisations work has been altogether reshaped by virtual assistants hence, VA employment has significantly risen along with the trend toward teleworking. 

But working as a virtual assistant also has its share of hardships no matter how beneficial it can also be for the freelancer and their clients. Let’s explore some of the challenges VAs faced this year that you may be able to prepare yourself for:

  • Rising price of goods and other commodities. As a VA, it’s either you commit your time fully or as a part-timer. Yet, with inflation speeding up, this challenge faced by freelancers who have an unsteady list of clients is in danger. Thus, it is better to start gearing up your portfolio and start landing projects either as a part-time or full-time VA.

With COVID-19 and other political struggles we are facing today, the challenges of being a Virtual Assistant go beyond the difficulty of finding a client and building your portfolio to impress businesses. For that, it is a must to have a plan ahead of you to prepare yourself.

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