Protect Your Child Online With These Safety Apps

If you do not know how to use the internet, ask a child! 

Kids are growing up digital-savvy these days unlike those who were born before the invention of Facebook. If you’re a parent raising a child in this digital era, you must be aware that danger lurks online. If you’re one of those parents who leverages on the internet to stop a child’s tantrum or just a parent who trusts their children using their smartphone; well, here’s the bad news, you may trust your child but never a stranger they met online.  How do you know who they are chatting to, or which websites they are going on? 

Protect your child in the digital landscape with these safety apps we’ve collated:

  1. Google Family Link is our favourite free parental control app since it lets you monitor and connect unlimited accounts and devices, remotely lock your child’s device, and discreetly watch their activities. However, it’s not ad-free, and parental controls are restricted beyond 13 years old.
  1. Kaspersky Safe Kids is an all-inclusive family safety app and child internet safety tool that may help you keep your children safer online. This app simplifies child surveillance. This involves monitoring youngsters’ smartphone activities, filtering suspicious and adult material, and app usage. This kid internet safety tool also allows you to restrict your child’s screen time. On the negative, it has a variety of iOS restrictions, content screening is restricted to select web browsers, and social media monitoring is confined to Facebook and VK.
  1.  Net Nanny will give you access to monitor and restrict your child’s time spent on the internet. You may set limits on what kids can access online, prohibit certain search terms, prevent inappropriate apps, and get updates whenever they install something new. The one drawback is that you can’t limit app use or create a timetable for your applications as you can with other similar apps.

The internet presents children with a lot of info and freedom and using the mentioned apps is some of the ways you can protect your child’s online safety. Yet, let’s all remember that communicating to them how they can navigate the web safely is also part of the action parents should take rather than solely tracking their activities and reprimanding them once the damage has been done.

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