Security Tools For Freelancers

When you invest in an idea, business or concept, you need to secure your investment. This could be through insurance or through hiring security professionals to protect your project. Cyber security is a growing business sector. 

Over the past few years, as more enterprises have embraced the digital world and web-based technologies, the term “cybersecurity” has become a familiar one whether you work as a freelance designer or digital entrepreneur. Yet, with each new development comes novel opportunities for both legit businesses and cyber criminals. 

Cybersecurity and digital tech are wide, varied and complex fields. Freelancers are mainly compensated for their “primary work,” hence they have less incentive to invest in security measures. If you are guilty of this, that puts you in a vulnerable position as a freelancer.

Here are digital security tools you may use to protect yourself from cybercriminals: 

Burp Suite 

Burp is a tool designed for testing and troubleshooting the safety of online applications. The actual strength of Burp Suite lies in the intercepting proxy tool, which allows Burp to analyse, change, and re-send browser-to-target data. Because of this robust capability, it is consistently regarded as one of the top free cybersecurity tools for analysing the cyberattacks of a web app from a variety of perspectives.


The safety of any system relies on its users creating and maintaining strong passwords. This can be tough as security experts advise using a different password for each online account one has. Many of the capabilities most users would ever need in a password manager are included in LastPass’ free tier. It’s compatible with a wide range of web browsers and mobile platforms, and it even has premium tiers that unlock more sharing options and other perks.


An encrypted virtual private network (VPN) can protect your data no matter where you or your colleagues are located. Hackers often find public Wi-Fi networks to be easy pickings because they are not sufficiently safeguarded. If your VPN, your data transmissions will be encrypted, giving you the security you require to deal with sensitive information from any location. For this reason, you can utilise NordVPN.

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