What Type of Event Planner Are You? 

This is one of the growth industries at the moment. With the world coming out of lockdowns, people want to party and event planners are taking advantage of the situation. Career opportunities in event planning are improving. The future for planners in the business sector remains highly favourable as a result of the rebound from the global crisis and the strong demand of the world returning to professionally planned events and conferences. Your income and success as an event planner are directly tied to the specific services you provide, so it’s important to narrow your focus. So, in this post, we’ll find out what sort of event planner you are.

Company party planner – One of the event types that will present you with the greatest variety is the company party. They can range from intimate dinners to taking over an entire nightclub for the sole purpose of entertaining a corporate client. 

Social event planner – Getting a group of people together outside of a business or workplace setting can be classified for a variety of reasons, such as celebrating an anniversary or having a night out to build a stronger team. 

Wedding planner- Professional wedding planners give newlyweds a variety of services to make their big day go off without a mishap. They are well-versed in the intricacies of everything, from the selection of cakes and gowns to the selection of locations, the arrangement of catering, and the selection of photos, among other things. Wedding planners are indeed adept at handling minutiae on the big day, allowing a couple to concentrate on having fun.

Non-profit event planner – A nonprofit organisation has the capacity to connect individuals who are all driven to a certain cause by hosting an event. If bringing attention to an issue or soliciting financial support is more your style, you may be able to contribute to an increase in the number of individuals who would want to support a charity through organising a fundraising or campaign event.

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