Stay Safe With Apps Even If You’re Outside

You hear horror stories every day of people getting lost or worse, there is a scare tactic used by some apps for their marketing processes. We do not want to scare you, but to simply educate you on the risks that you might encounter when you are out and which apps are available to reduce the risks.

Now that we’re shifting back to the new normal and businesses are gradually adapting to a hybrid work set-up, people are spending time not just in their homes but outside too. Today, safety is not just about being at home and securing the windows and door locks but it can also be through the means of technology.

We’ve gathered a list of interesting mobile applications you can download so you can mark yourself safe if you’re outdoors or your loved ones are away or out for the night.

Must download mobile apps for your outdoor safety:

  • Life360, available for iOS and Android, keeps families secure. Easily form your own groupings, called “Circles,” and see where everyone in them is at any given moment on a secure family map.
  • Zello is a live voice push-to-talk platform that transmits any smart device into a global digital two-way radio via Wi-Fi and cell networks. Thousands of individuals may be reached via live speech in real time from anywhere in the globe. It’s great for emergencies and disasters that demand fast reactions.
  • Safe And The City integrates numerous features. Users may report street harassment by pinning the location. It displays “safe spaces” for those who feel unsafe hiding and makes emergency contact simple. It is now only offered in every UK city and also in Berlin, Germany but it is still expanding.
  • Cairn is a free iOS app that allows you to save tens of thousands of maps that indicate where cell service for different carriers is available along your travels, even while you are offline and not connected to the internet. Cairn is a simple approach to sending route information in the wilderness, ensuring your safety.
  • Sekura has four feature buttons for street harassment and dangerous emergency circumstances. It lets you spoof incoming calls, sound a siren, dial an emergency number, and send location messages to pre-selected emergency contacts.

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