Must Add Safety Apps For Your Online Safety

Online safety is as important as home security and protecting your family. People can steal your online identity and then forge documents and take over your life. The threat is real. Obviously, we do not want to worry you, but it is best to be aware.

Cybercrime is prevalent and you must not be complacent. You always need to be aware and to protect yourself from it. Don’t believe us? The likelihood of becoming prey to cyber crimes grows annually as more and more of our lifestyle choices are moved online. Over 21 years, cybercrime claimed 6,502,323 victims and $26,116,000,000 in losses. In fact, as per AAG’s 2023 Cyber Crime Statistics report, COVID-19 has a clear influence on the number of victims. Cybercrime data for 2019 shows an average of 53 victims each hour. It increased by 69% per hour to a total of 90 victims in the first entire year of the pandemic in 2020.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of helpful mobile applications that you can download on your smartphone to ensure your online safety. 

Safety Apps For Your Online Safety:

  1. Avast Mobile Security – This app’s finest feature is that it notifies you about spyware and virus installations on your phone and it blocks online tracking to stop third parties from seeing your online activity.
  1. LastPass – With many online accounts and various passwords, memorizing passwords is getting harder. When it comes to storing and protecting your passwords, LastPass is among the top options available. It is built with zero-knowledge security as a core feature to protect your vault, passwords, notes, and more – at all costs.
  1. VPN – The data sent between your mobile device and the VPN server is often encrypted. You may access a VPN from any of your devices, like desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. It encrypts your data before sending it so that it cannot be viewed by anyone who may intercept it.
  1. Signal – Signal is a cross-platform, centralized encrypted instant messaging service designed by the non-profit Signal Foundation and Signal Messenger LLC. End-to-end encryption ensures that user communications are only saved on their devices, not on Signal’s servers or anywhere else.
  1. Kaspersky Security – Kaspersky Security for Mobile lets you manage and safeguard Android and iOS mobile devices using the same centralized administration panel as most other Kaspersky corporate security products.

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