Time Management Tools For Virtual Assistants

If you are paid by the hour, this is vital. If you are paid by the day, by the project, by the month, or quarter, it is less important, but still, we always must keep track of our time, especially if we are billing people for it. 

Virtual assistants may use accurate time monitoring for client billing, project management, and productivity tracking. The virtual assistant profession may be rewarding for self-motivated individuals who handle their time well. Working with other small entrepreneurs and assisting them in expanding their customer bases, promoting awareness about their services, and building their brands helps you feel good about your daily accomplishments. Managing your time can lead to managing other people’s time too, and then you can earn when they earn, and move into a management or supervisor role. 

If you want to work remotely as a virtual assistant, you could find out immediately that you need a system for keeping track of your time. But there are numerous time monitoring tools available, so it may be hard to pick one.

1. Basecamp. Basecamp is a project management app that integrates all the capabilities teams need. It mixes communication and cooperation by giving tools to set up to-dos, exchange ideas, create ad campaigns, make a timetable, generate and upload documents and files, message and chat with colleagues, and check in frequently with your group.

2. Paymo. Paymo is a free project management app for one user. It has amazing time tracking and invoicing tools. Remember that the free version only lets you generate, add, and save a maximum of three invoices. 

3. Time Doctor. This is a time tracking and staff efficiency monitoring tool that makes it simple for virtual assistants to keep track of their remote work hours. It automates monotonous operations like documenting time entries and coordinating projects and tasks for small and big firms.

4. Trello. Trello is a teamwork tool that catalogues your tasks so that you can see what’s being worked on, who is engaging on it, and how far along it is. Trello is the digital app counterpart of a whiteboard filled with post it notes, photos, files, and documents from third-party resources.

5. Top Tracker. This free app works on any smartphone. The major features are the ability to utilise hotkeys and how it logs your activity irrespective of the device you are using. A recent addition to it is the ability to invoice and accept payments, but in order to utilise it, your customer must also use Top Tracker.

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