Tips To Stay Safe During An Earthquake

There are parts of the world that are so far from the edges of tectonic plates that they will never experience an earthquake. Then there are countries living on the edge and they experience earthquakes regularly. 

Earthquakes may happen at any moment and have a catastrophic effect on both the infrastructure of businesses and the people connected to that business. Knowing what to do in an earthquake is crucial, particularly if you are at work when it occurs. You can secure your safety while at work during an earthquake by following some basic guidance.

1. Always Prepare

Preparation is the first and most important step to earthquake safety. Be familiar with the business’s emergency procedures and practice them on a regular basis. Locate shelters, plan escape routes, and stock up on emergency essentials. 

2. Locate Safe Areas

Finding safe areas to seek refuge is essential in the event of an earthquake. Sturdy desks, tables, or door frames may serve as safe spaces and provide protection from flying debris. Avoid windows, shelves, and cabinets that may fall. If required, locate safe escape routes and swiftly take them.

3. Remain calm

Maintain your composure and refrain from panicking during an earthquake. You can make terrible judgments while you’re in a panic, endangering both yourself and others. Earthquakes normally last just a few seconds to a few minutes, it is important to preserve your composure. Doing so will help to keep you and others safe.

4. Stay where you are 

Staying put during an earthquake could be safer, particularly if you’re in a strong structure. Stay and hide beneath a solid desk or table if you’re in a high-rise building until the shaking stops. During an earthquake, avoid using elevators and wait for orders from rescuers before trying to evacuate the building.

5. Communicate

Make sure your coworkers are safe by letting them know where you are and where you are going. Contact loved ones to let them know you’re safe. Follow local authorities’ and emergency personnel’s updates as well to keep informed and be aware of when it is safe to leave your employment. It is helpful if you have Conxhub since its features are flexible and ideal even if there’s a disaster.

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