Starting things from scratch is a difficulty that most entrepreneurs experience, it can lead to stress and can lead to staring at a blank page for hours on end. Things can get a bit messy, stressful or slow if the right tools are not used. Having inadequate resources can result in hampering the growth of the business. Now if you are the kind of a freelance person who believes that time is golden, then you should probably get to know what tools could help you to maximize your time. 

Website  & Social Media Account

Having your own domain or website makes a business more credible however we could take into consideration the effectiveness of website vs social media in terms of marketing. In 2019, the average daily social media usage of internet users worldwide amounted to 144 minutes per day. Recently, people have been inclined to use social media more than visiting websites, which is why websites are as important as social media accounts, because they reach potential customers quickly, and can even be used to target customers better. 

Organisational Business Tools

One of the most necessary skills to keep in a business going is staying organised. Organisational tools can be in the form of planners, smartphones, or whatever it is that can help your business stay on track like: appointments, tasks for the day, or a to do list. In the past people would use a Filofax, or a manual diary, today, there are Apps for that.

Accounting Software

Like any other business, tracking your expenses and income is important so that you know how well your business is running. Accounting software products can be expensive but if you cannot afford one for the meantime then Excel is also applicable. 

Business Cards

As a freelance business person, having your own business card is still a must-have! After all, you never know when and where opportunity may come to you but at least you are prepared to share and promote your business wherever you are. Linked In or other social medias are often used to replace business cards, but still, being able to pass someone your business card means that they have it in their pocket and can add you to social media in the future. 

Online Drive

If you are the type of person who tends to forget things then having your files stored in one place on the internet is for you. You just need to be keen on which online drive you’ll be placing your files but as a tip, have one hard drive to store your documents and one online drive for backup. 

These tools and resources are some of the must-haves a freelance business should possess. With the right tools, each of the problems faced in the business becomes a breeze to solve.

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