Ways To Stop Receiving Spam SMS

How many times a day do you get unwanted SMS messages?  These could be informative SMS messages from your bank, or a sales SMS from a website that you have given your mobile number to. These can be inconvenient and time consuming, but worse, they could be phishing for your data, or trying to validate your mobile number with bad intentions to follow! 

Spam SMS, often known as text message spam, is unsolicited and undesired communications delivered to phone users in bulk. These messages can be promotional, phishing, or fraudulent. Businesses, people, and bots are all able to send spam SMS messages to others. 

Although frustrating and time-consuming to deal with, spam SMS can also be dangerous if it contains malicious links or attempts to deceive people into handing up sensitive information. It’s imperative to protect yourself against spam SMS and today, we’ll provide some ways to stop receiving spam SMS.

Ways for stopping spam SMS: 

  • Register with the National Do Not Call Registry: You can add your phone number to a national registration in many countries, including the UK and the United States, to prevent telemarketers and spammers from contacting or messaging you. 
  • Use a spam-blocking app: Android and iOS smartphones have apps that block spam SMS. With one of these apps, you can keep your inbox clear of spam and other unwelcome correspondence. 
  • Ignore spam SMS: If you receive a spam message, ignore it! If you reply, or open it, it confirms to the spammer that your mobile number is active and may result in more spam messages being sent to you. 
  • Report spam sms to authorities; When you receive spam, report it by forwarding it to the national spam reporting centre in your country or to the spam reporting service provided by your cell provider. This helps with tracking down and stopping spammers. 
  • Employ filtering options: Certain messaging apps, such as WhatsApp, Telegram, or Signal, allow you to build filters or block contacts/messages, which you can use to block or filter messages from undesired contacts. You can also use a safety app and subscribe to a communications provider that offers and is an expert in this matter.

Keep in mind the significance of safeguarding your privacy by exercising caution when disclosing any personally identifiable information. Limit the quantity of spam SMS texts you receive and help maintain your inbox tidy by following these actions.

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