What Is Digital Marketing?

Everything is moving digital these days. Digital banking, digital marketing, digital finance, digital everything. I remember digital watches coming out. Digital marketing may be found in the Internet of Things, mobile phones, and other connected devices (IoT). Digital marketing often entails disseminating a brand’s message through search engines, social media, apps, email, and websites. Today’s digital marketing focuses on engaging consumers across many channels with more conversion-oriented messages. Marketing teams should be able to track how these messages and/or channels assisted them in achieving their goal.

Consumer behaviour has altered significantly in the last year as a result of the pandemic, which has forced individuals to remain at home. People are spending more time on the computer, connected to the internet, and becoming digitalised. Brands have reacted by moving their attention and spending to digital platforms, which has had a significant effect on the employment market. According to LinkedIn statistics, there has been a significant rise in demand for marketers with social abilities, with paid social media increasing in demand by 116.4 %. The digital marketing industry in the UK is flourishing. In 2020, UK marketers are expected to spend almost two-thirds (62%) of their budgets online, according to Credos and Enders Analysis.

What’s the deal with digital marketing that keeps it relevant even in the middle of the pandemic? Digital marketing expenditure surpassed conventional marketing costs for the first time in 2019. Because customers are more active online. Thus, UK lockdown restrictions have resulted in additional significant reductions in certain industries and greater rises in virtual spaces. Until recently, promoting products or services was typically expensive and impossible to assess. Today, Marketers may now use AI and machine intelligence to contact customers on digital devices at the appropriate time. Unlike conventional marketing techniques, which need prior planning and placement. On the other hand, online marketing may be crowded and difficult as well. Although the ability to offer products and services in both local and global markets is empowering, competition is still high.

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