10 Questions To Ask Before Accepting A Project

Whether you don’t like the people, or the term is too long, and you have other things you would prefer to be doing, or you are not focused.  There are many reasons why people make mistakes. Mistakes lead to errors, and all mistakes and errors could be avoided by having a better understanding from the start.  How do you evaluate the project before accepting it? You can prevent these errors by asking the right questions during the recruitment process and after an offer has been made.

Here are ten important questions you should clarify with your employer or a client before accepting a project: 

1. How much time do I have to make a decision on the proposal? 

How much time you have to consider the opportunity and inform an employer of your decision.  You need to know whether you get a few days or up to about a week to make a deliberate, intentional decision and send a formal response if you want to accept and/or talk about some aspect of the deal.

2. Is there room for development?

Have a discussion about how to advance in the role and who will be providing input so that, ideally, you will be considered for and eligible for a bonus down the road.

3. Is the salary negotiable?

After taxes and other deductions, see whether it’s enough to cover your expenses. 

4. Who will I be reporting to?

If you didn’t meet the person you’ll be reporting to during the interview process, make an effort to meet them. Make sure they’re someone you’ll feel at ease approaching for advice and assistance.

5. What is the company culture like?

Working in an unsuitable environment can damage your job, well-being, and even mental health.

6. What do my daily job responsibilities entail?

You should also ask this to make sure you’re signing up for the same roles that were promoted and addressed with you during the interview.

7. Can you show me examples?

This question may be avoided if you assume you understand all that is necessary. Each customer has a unique set of demands and wishes.

8. Will I need to provide revisions?

Depending on the business and what you’re comfortable with, giving either one two free revisions will satisfy a couple of goals. To begin with, the client will be informed that each subsequent revision will incur a fee.

9. How do you want me to invoice you?

It’s important to get the info. They may prefer bank transfer if they are in the same country as you. For foreign clients, using a ewallet such as PayPal might be the best (and most cost-effective) option (due to the lower conversion rate).

10. Can I use this work in my portfolio?

Vast majority of clients do not provide credit and do not want you to take credit for their work. It’s better to know this up front than to realise months later that you felt it was an especially good or valuable piece of work that you could share with other potential clients.

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