5 Office Space Ideas For Small Homes

No home office? No problem. Creating a space that works as hard as you do is easier than you think. Because being short on room doesn’t have to mean you’re short on productivity. So whether you set up in the bedroom, the living room or that unused nook under the stairs, we’re here to take you from practised procrastinator, to employee of the month. Out of office? Over to you.

1. The basics

So you’ve chosen your study spot. The next step? Filling it with furniture. But it needs to be clever. Think space-saving solutions that optimise, rather than overwhelm. If you’re cornered in, it’s cool; a corner desk makes use of a spot a standard desk wouldn’t. Just look at Lomond. And if you’re in the bedroom, double up a compact or console desk as your dressing table. Now you can work it, both ways.

2. Tidy desk, tidy mind

You don’t need us to say it. Stop messing around. Small rooms + clutter = stress. And you’re likely to work better when you’re not surrounded by stuff. Take what you can off the desk with floating shelves above and stackable trunks tucked away below. The next step? Pop all your pens, pencils, bits and bobs in storage pots and organisers. Now admire your new, tidy desk. You’re ready to get grafting.

3. Keep it cosy

The best thing about working from home? You can stay in your PJs. All day. And smaller spaces make it all the easier to get snug. Create a cosy, inviting – and productive – environment with a thick, woven rugthrows and blankets to wrap up in, and a sizable mug for that all-important coffee. Krisha should hold all you need. Staying off the sofa? Your standard office chair can take a seat. Swap it for an upholstered, padded perch instead. We know you’re comfy, but don’t you dare put Netflix on.

4. Lighting

In smaller rooms, natural light is best – it opens the space up. So set up near the window if you can. Not an option? Not to worry. When the sun sets, it’s time to shine. A floor lamp like Collet is just the thing. Creating a cocooning corner of warm light will make you want to stay at your desk – no distractions here. And the key to keeping the focus? A table lamp. Try one with an adjustable feature like Albert. You’re the task master, now.

5. Colour

Whether you’re reaching for the paint roller or using wall art to brighten up the room, we all know that small spaces benefit from light, airy colours. And it just so happens they help concentration, too. But what shade to pick? Blue helps to focus the mind, while green gives off natural, stress-busting vibes (there’s your excuse to buy more plants). Choose a soft orange for concentration, or go yellow for creativity. Next step? Zen. Your best work awaits. 

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