Starting 2023 In the Freelance Industry

The start of the year might bring with it new goals and new targets, dreams and passions can align at this time and you might find your new direction. 

Freelancing is not new to many of us, in fact, the word ‘freelance’ goes back to the early 1800s. Amazing, right? Well, the work setup is also not a new concept even for Generation Z. And of course, you may also be familiar with freelancing since reading this article is one sign you’re into the industry. Is it out of curiosity?

No matter what your reasons are, we’ve collated a few things to note in starting 2023 in the freelance industry.

Freelancing is expected to grow bigger. According to Statista, in the year 2023, the projected gross volume of the gig economy is expected to reach $455.2 billion. Additionally, experts said there will be 90.1 million freelancers engaged in America by 2028. So just imagine how it’s going to be in the future in other countries. Also, let’s not forget how people’s perspectives are changing. In order to keep up with the trends, it is anticipated that existing gig sectors would reorganise their labour practices in 2023. 

The recruiting, management and finding of independent contractors would be made simpler on conventional freelancing sites as well. Because of technological advancements, the gig economy is gaining hold throughout the world. 

If you’re sure about taking the path of freelancing, Web Design & Development, Copywriting, Social Media Marketing, Video Editing & Production, Virtual Assistance, Graphic Design, Data Analysis & Visualisation, Project Management, and Accounting and Bookkeeping are some of the skills topping the search result for freelancing this 2023. Surely, there are more professions in need of part-time yet skilled work and it’s not too late to begin learning and mastering a skill this new year.

Due to the range of jobs that gig workers do, the gig economy has likely led to the development of collaborative learning. Thus, with social media, you can find online communities that offer opportunities to learn about the industry and the job.

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