Binge-Worthy Podcasts About Freelancing

Every day is a school day, we are always learning and as freelancers, we’re constantly hustling — getting clients, doing projects, promoting ourselves, and more. With so many things coming around, we sometimes disregard a critical part of freelancing: learning. In today’s hyper-connected society, podcasts are a fantastic source of knowledge, creativity, and enlightenment. You may learn and grow while on the subway, jogging, or stuck in transit by listening to podcasts.

Here are some fantastic podcasts that are ideal for freelancers:

1. The Freelance Podcast

The Freelance Podcast interviews people who are freelancing on the sideline. Host RJ McCollam intends to help people take the leap, even if they don’t have a big mailing list or connection. The Freelance Podcast has not had any new episodes since November 2019, but it’s still one of the finest for freelancers, particularly those just starting out.

2. The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss is a self-experimenter and famous author of The 4-Hour Workweek. His list of guests is as diverse as his life experiments and provides excellent information for anyone who wants to improve their life. Freelancers may learn many things, including how to manage a business.

3. Fiercely Freelance

Ceels Lockley, a UK-based freelancer with over 20 years of experience in marketing, media, and with businesses like Tesco and Sony Mobile, established this podcast. The Fiercely Freelance Podcast combines workshop-style lessons, guest expert interviews, and blunt discussions with seasoned freelancers.

4. Clients From Hell

Originally a Tumblr blog, Clients From Hell is a podcast about problematic clients. The mission of The Clients From Hell podcast is to enable freelancers better manage client relationships, hone their skills, and increase their business acumen and industry understanding.

5. Freelance to Founder

Freelance To Founder is a podcast with an aspirational title. Clay and Preston want to make their listeners confident, opinionated, and successful. This podcast provides you with a thorough picture of what it will take to excel, from advice on soft skills to exposure to new freelancing fields.

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