Busting Myths About Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are lazy. Virtual assistants are unskilled. Virtual assistants are people looking for full time work. Virtual assistants are low paid. Four of the most common myths about the trade.  Are any of them true? 

If you’ve never worked with a Virtual Assistant (VA), it’s understandable that you might not know how everything works. Virtual assistants or VA are remote employees who help their clients in various ways. A virtual assistant’s role is similar to that of a freelancer in that both provide support to business owners using their respective expertise. In contrast, a virtual assistant’s hours of operation are flexible and determined by the needs of the client. Many myths surround this field, therefore while you’re here, let’s debunk some on Virtual Assistants:

Myth #1: Virtual assistants could only handle admin tasks.

Nowadays, most employees in a wide range of businesses work sitting in front of a computer. And it’s not just clerical employment. While a VA’s primary focus will be on office management, they may be able to assist in other aspects as well. A virtual assistant can function in many capacities, including but not limited to the following: writing, editing, marketing, social media, sales and customer relations.

Myth #2: Virtual assistants are only helpful for short-term projects.

There are many VAs up for long-term projects, especially freelancers. They may be doing their jobs remotely, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t committed to the company for the long haul. Remember, location ultimately has no bearing on how long an employee stays with the same company.

Myth #3: Anyone can be a virtual assistant.

Not everyone can handle the pressure of working as a Virtual Assistant. You need the right abilities and character traits to get selected, and you must utilise your knowledge and skills to stay in this line of work. Managing the requirements of several clients requires ability and a certain type of individual. While some may believe that a good computer and phone voice are all that is needed, this is not the truth.

To start as a VA, find side jobs on Upwork, LinkedIn, or FlexJobs. After a few tasks, you’ll be ready to take on full-time clients. Starting small is a great move if you have no idea how to get started as a virtual assistant.

So if you look at the first few myths, are any of them still true in your mind? 

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