Call-to-Action Tips for Freelance Writers

Click here, send us an email, give us a call, fill in this form or use this discount code. These are all common calls to action that are used in adverts and blogs.

Calls-To-Action (CTAs) can be used in various contexts, from email marketing and blogging to landing pages and social media postings, to inform your target audience of the desired action. If you’re asking for anything awkward like money, time, or consent, you may find yourself at a loss for words.  Being clear with your instructions helps the reader to follow what you need so that they can do what is needed to complete the transaction. 

We find it difficult to ask for things because we fear rejection so here are some CTA writing tips to let you get beyond that rough patch as a copywriter.

1. Take Initiative 

A call to action that gets results emphasises action verbs. There is a better time to be wise with your CTA. Encourage your viewers by using active verbs. The finest CTAs make it evident that there’s no cost and no responsibility to act. No-risk calls to action are more likely to be clicked on because users naturally gravitate toward them. 

2. Keep it Conversational

Utilise verb tenses that convey action and authority to sound like a leader in your field. On the other hand, stay away from overly technical language that could turn off your readers. Highlight the positive aspects of your deal using as few words as possible.

3. Stir Emotions

The purpose of a call-to-action is to get an action from the intended audience. Your viewers will feel as stimulated as you are if your call to action is enthusiastic. Copywriters are experts at crafting compelling calls to action hence, the right words can sway people to act on the desired directives of the writer.

Copywriting is now an integral aspect of running a successful enterprise. Statistically speaking, over half of all content on the web is written by copywriters. This is evidence of copywriting’s growing significance over time.

For businesses, investing in copywriting services is a sensible move for any business owner. With a strong return on investment, it can significantly impact how successful your firm could be. 

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