Calling UK from Japan

In Japan, a carrier access code is required when calling from Japan to make international calls. But if you have a specialised international plan, you can just dial the carrier code before 010.  In Japan, NTT Docomo, AU and SoftBank  are by far the most often used network provider access codes.

To place a direct call to the United Kingdom from Japan, use the international calling format shown below. Note that calling a mobile or telephone in the United Kingdom from Japan uses the same dialing format.

 010 – 44 – Area Code – Phone Number

 010 – 44 – Area Code – Phone Number

Result example format: 010 44 20 44 x xxx xxx xxxx

The following are the definitions of the numbers:

010 – Exit code for Japan, required for every international call from Japan.

44 – ISD Code or Country Code of the United Kingdom

Area code – There are 611 area codes in the UK.  To dial an overseas call to the United Kingdom from Japan, you must first learn the UK Area Codes.  If no area code is present, just provide the recipient’s Telephone Number after the ISD Code.

To prevent missed calls, take aware of the time differential between the United Kingdom and Japan before making calls. Tokyo, Japan is nine hours ahead of London, United Kingdom. Thus, folks in Japan wishing to reach those in London, on the other hand, should organise contacts between 6:00 pm and 3:00 am, since that is the time people will most certainly be available. 

We all know that the biggest drawback of calling internationally from a landline or mobile phone is the high calling rates and the charges vary based on the time of day or the country from which you are phoning. Hence, you may want to check with your network service provider on plans that may work for calling overseas. Also, you may also consider using Wi-Fi calling to reduce charges for international calls. 

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