Customer Service Activities

To provide the finest customer service experience, you must have a top-notch staff. Even the finest teams may get complacent or need to be inspired from time to time. That is why we recommend including engaging activities in your customer service training. Customer service activities are one of the simplest but most efficient ways to improve workers’ educational backgrounds while also keeping them motivated at work.

Customers provide several problems to customer service. Customer service employees must be able to manage the most challenging circumstances while maintaining patience and resourcefulness. Not to mention that the intense work pressure from meetings and training makes the reps want to quit up at times.

With this in mind, here are a few customer service tasks to keep your workforce motivated while maintaining strong connections with clients.

1. Don’t tell me, let me guess—this game demonstrates the need of explaining what you’re doing and why. It may be rather uncomfortable to sit through seemingly useless inquiries or lengthy wait times, all the more so since the client is presumably unfamiliar with the method being pursued by the customer service representative. This customer service training exercise can help your new representatives put themselves in the shoes of their future customers.

2. Acronyms– Acronyms is a quick, engaging exercise that familiarizes new advisors with fundamental contact center concepts such as service excellence, soft skills, and the customer experience. Allow two minutes for the group to create an acronym using their word or phrase, as well as some pencils and paper, by coming up with a term for each beginning letter that pertains to the situation.

3. Persuade Me – the purpose of this activity is to practice consumer concerns. A skilled customer service representative must be able to communicate effectively with customers from diverse backgrounds. Because different tactics work differently on different types of people, this game may help your representatives hone their diverse persuasive abilities.

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