Gig Economy Outside the Internet

A Gig worker is not always online. There are loads of opportunities for workers off-line, especially during the summer months. 

What do a Lyft driver and a blogger have in common? Both are in the gig economy. The gig economy is reshaping the workforce, workplace, and work practices, and the direction of employment.

Working in the gig economy offers flexibility, minimal recruitment gaps, and above minimum wage pay. The work from home culture promotes internet based income. Nonetheless, offline methods of making money are just as handy. A skill set is not compulsory for the majority of offline enterprises. So it’s okay to start off as a complete newbie. However, you’ll need some familiarity with business, finance, and the needs and demands of people.

1. Leasing Out – If you own an extra storage area, a vacant lot, or an unused garage or room, lease it out. Similarly, you may rent out your car if you have one lying around. If you stay near the coast and surfing is famous in your town, renting surfboards is a good product.  If you have a car parking space that you are not using, others may take advantage of it. 

2. Makeup Artist – Do you enjoy cosmetics and give beauty pointers to friends? Consider having makeup artist training. Makeup artists deal with clientele ranging from models and actresses to party goers in applying makeup to enhance their appearance. The wedding circuit is a common place to find work, and the summer or Christmas party seasons can get very busy. 

3. Babysitting – Anyone from university students to elders can babysit. The best approach to get going is still through personal recommendations from people you know and trust.

4. Odd Jobs – Oftentimes you need a few hours of extra income. If establishing a business isn’t feasible right now, then maybe taking up odd jobs may work better for you. Odd jobs might be anything from assembling flat-pack furniture to doing one-time acts of garden upkeep.

5. Catering/Cooking – If you’re able to cater events, bake pastries, or make meals, this is a great side gig. Ready-to-eat foods like lunches and snacks are becoming more popular. You’ll simply need a kitchen and some basic supplies to start this side hustle from the comfort of your own home.

The Gig economy is full of opportunity for those who put the effort in and who have the drive to succeed. 

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