How to Relax When You Have No Freelance Work

You need experience to be a good freelancer, but then to become a good freelancer, you need experience to get there. How to get experience without any experience is a constant question in the Gig economy. The answer is to follow your passion. The better you know a subject, or the more interesting your work, even without experience, you can get the attention of potential employers. 

It’s mentally taxing to balance the needs of current clients with the need to constantly seek new opportunities and improve one’s skills as a freelancer. Also, it is one of the worst feelings in the world when a client says words to the effect of “We’re sorry to notify you that we will no longer be requiring your services,” because losing clients is the lifeblood of any freelancer’s business.

So when the time comes, you’ve applied to dozens of jobs on freelance markets. Sending out proposals for various gigs. Yet you’re still not securing any freelancing work. Don’t feel too bad if you’re going through something. Every freelancer goes through it. In this article, allow us to help you relax when you have no freelance work at the moment. 

How to relax when you have no freelance work? 

If you’ve just come off a particularly chaotic period, appreciate the ‘bad patch’ and utilise the opportunity to reorganise your thoughts. If nothing else comes up, get out there and do something good. Maybe even a staycation is just what you need to rejuvenate and refocus. Your freelance difficulties can be fueled by fear. If you can gain control and become more relaxed about your work, ‘the fear’ may go.

When you’ve rebalanced your life and established a healthy schedule, it’s time to reclaim your days. Wake up early and spend a few hours undisturbed before your day begins. It’s important to keep in mind that you have support and that your calendar will fill up soon. Your professional growth could not come at a better moment than now. So, when things slow down, keep in mind that this is only a quick breather before the tide of jobs that lies ahead. Use this time to relax or to better yourself. Do something to stop you from dwelling on your worries for too long. 

You should regularly use your Social media accounts to post blogs, articles and interesting information so that it might attract the next paycheck. You never know where opportunities will come from but they will not fall out of the sky and land in your lap. Keeping yourself in the shop window will attract something soon.

Do some good, maybe you could also work for a charity, or a local sports club, getting out and about increases the chances of finding work, or meeting new contacts. 

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