How Does Your Business Respond to a Power Outage?

Electricity can go down, floods can damage the mains and if it is too hot, wires can melt. There are loads of reasons why things might break, so having a “What if” plan can boost your business. 

In the event of a power outage, your business may experience unplanned downtime, which might result in losses of thousands, if not millions of pounds. Unplanned power failures may cause complications that may be difficult to fix. While most locations have power restored within an hour, it may take some impacted businesses longer to get back on their feet. Loss of power may have devastating effects, both financially and in terms of the reputation of a business.

In the event of a power loss, businesses can respond by putting into place a backup power system, alternative methods of communication, and other steps designed to lessen the severity of the disruption. 

The following are some actions businesses may take in response to power outages:

1. Using generators, batteries, or solar power for backup. When the main power is down, these backup generators can keep the lights on, the fridge cold, and the heat on. Enterprises may save money by having backup power sources ready in case of a power outage that causes data loss or system downtime.

2. Using cloud-based communication solutions such as Conxhub, which provides businesses with an agile and reliable communication system even during power outages. Businesses may route virtual phone numbers to mobile phones or other devices using conXhub. Consequently, calls may be taken and urgent messages received even if the workplace loses electricity. 

3. Invest in business insurance. Despite your best efforts, your business may still face some unforeseen monetary strain. One of the greatest ways to cushion that financial impact is to have enough insurance coverage. Having a conversation with your insurance agent well before a blackout occurs is highly recommended. In the case of a business interruption, such as a power outage, it is important to discuss what insurance coverage is necessary to safeguard the business.

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