Questions to ask before turning your team to Agile

Agile techniques have been traced back to the invention of the scientific method in 1620.Others say the framework was created in the 1950s when Toyota built their well-known manufacturing method. Some point to the 1980s, when other manufacturers such as Honda and Canon embraced new product development processes. When 17 developers convened in Utah in 2001, Agile as we know it today was conceived. While agile team technique is most commonly linked with software development, it has become a staple of many other businesses throughout the last decade. The agile approach divides huge projects which might take months to finish into manageable chunks that are then performed over a shorter amount of time, making it more adaptable and speedier than more linear, traditional techniques.

It’s no surprise, therefore, that many businesses see agile as the final shift they must make to achieve success. Now if you have embarked on a journey toward genuine agility, how will you know when you’ve arrived at your ideal destination? In this article, we provide two essential questions you need to figure out the answer to before turning Agile. 

2 Questions to ask before turning your team to Agile: 

  1. What does it mean to be Agile?- like any other things, you should of course have a deep understanding of what you will be entering into. Before implementing Agile, bear the following in mind  that Agile is not always the best option and remember that Agile is a way of thinking and a framework, not a methodology.
  1. Who’s in charge of making key decisions?- These groups must collaborate in order for a project to succeed. Hence, you should delegate decision-making authority to one person. This person must represent the customer’s needs, manage stakeholders, and also have the ultimate say on important development matters.

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