How to Best Include Freelancing Skills on a Resume

There are several ways to introduce your skills and experience into a conversation, interview or to put them in front of people. The CV  is often the most convenient tool for freelancers to use when presenting their knowledge and expertise to a client.  While a freelancer’s resume may sometimes follow the same pattern as a resume prepared to apply for work, many freelancers use a quite different kind of resume after they have completed a few gigs. As a result, working as a freelancer gives you the opportunity to build up your portfolio of skills and experience. Regardless if freelancing is your primary source of income or only an extracurricular pursuit, you may use it to highlight your skills on your application. As a work opportunity, it is important to learn how to include your freelancing skills on your resume.

It is important to have a range of ways to display and promote your skills. You might have work examples, a portfolio, a show reel, or be absolutely amazing at interviews and chatting to people.  However you do it, be good at it and be succinct. 

It’s a gain if you can enumerate your most noteworthy skills and accomplishments when working for yourself. Even better is if you can demonstrate your accomplishments. Link to specific samples of your previous work on your resume to demonstrate your expertise. If you’re a copywriter, link to the article you’ve written. Consider linking to a website you made if you’re a web designer. If you’re an artist, provide a link to your online platform.

Do the same thing with your submissions as you would for any other job;make a list of your skills. Describe what you did and how you did it thoroughly. Also, make an effort to incorporate a few accolades. Clients will be less concerned with your self-employment experience if your responsibilities were strong, and the company that you worked for is noteworthy and easy to find online. You should also include any specific skills that a prospective customer may be looking for on your resume. Unless you’re working on a large-scale project, don’t add more than five new features.

Make sure to keep in mind that the skills and competences you get as a freelancer are just as valuable as those you gain in a full time work. Including your freelancing skills in a strategic way will give you an edge in a pool of skillful freelancers.

You often get more skills as a freelancer than you do in a standard 9 to 5.  Be proud of your skills, accomplishments and knowledge, they have served you well and will continue to do so if you promote them well. 

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