How To Help Kids Deal With Cyberbullying?

Bullying through social media could be ghosting, or could be using words or sending links. It is hugely varied the different types of cyberbullying that kids these days experience. In the case of cyberbullying, your kid may feel too ashamed to tell you about it. Alternatively, they may be worried that you may make things worse for them. However, if you discover it is happening, it is serious enough to take action. The prevalence of cyberbullying varies from country to country, but one thing is certain: it is an issue around the world. Although victims of cyberbullying often report feeling helpless in the face of the harassment, parents may take action to protect their kids.

How to help kids deal with cyberbullying? 

  • Support. Give the victim your full support and comfort. Let them know that telling you was the best choice they could have made. Encourage the kid to seek help with family, school counselors, principals, and teachers. Assure them that help is available.
  • Communicate. Talk gently and calmly with your child about what is happening. Resist the need to panic. Spend some time getting familiar with the full story and the complicated setting in which it transpired. In addition, you shouldn’t downplay the seriousness of the event or defend the offender.
  • Collect Proof. Save copies of any threatening content you receive through phone or internet, such as texts, photos, or sound recordings. This evidence can be presented to the bully’s parents, teachers, employer, or police. For the sake of future investigations, help the child compile a file of pertinent evidence.
  • Report. If your child is bullied on a website or app, visit the company’s website and locate a section with help, like “Community Standards,” or “Safety Tips,” or anything similar. It may suggest blocking the bully or modifying who may contact you. Meanwhile, if your child is tormented or harassed by text message, report the number to your mobile phone carrier. If the harassment doesn’t stop, you can proceed to report the case to authorities.People and numbers can be blocked, but bullying should not happen in the first place, so reporting is better than blocking and ignoring.

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