How to protect your digital footprint?

We leave a digital footprint every time we turn on our computer and access our social media or emails. We do not realise how many digital footprints we leave in an average day. You do not want people following you and knowing exactly what you have been doing online, so these digital footprints need to be protected and hidden from spying eyes.

In light of the abundance of personal data we reveal online, we must have some control over the scope of our virtual existences. While many individuals have their own tried-and-true methods for maintaining their online privacy and security, others may find the task of developing a workable strategy to be daunting.

In a Cisco Privacy Survey, as a result of not knowing how their data is used and collected by businesses, 46% of customers feel they cannot adequately safeguard their data. To improve your online security, start by putting a couple of these suggestions into practice for your safety first. Then work your way down the list. Here are some of the easy and useful ways you can protect your digital footprint in 2023. 

Ways to protect your digital footprint:

  • Don’t provide more information than is necessary: Try to stay away from giving websites or organisations your personal information unless it is absolutely necessary. This entails reducing your use of social media and the amount of content you like, share, and post. 
  • Delete Old Accounts: Remove outdated emails, social network accounts, and online store logins. You may not realise an account has been compromised if you stop using it because you’re less likely to check it carefully for ominous activity.
  • Manage Your Security Options: Sites that collect data are only there to gather your online information. Spam and advertisements arrive on your website faster than lightning, making them unavoidable. Hence, adjust your settings to the maximum level of protection. Don’t just accept the default settings because they are frequently configured to be accessible to the public. 

It is nearly impossible to totally delete your information from the internet once it has been shared with the public. Being aware of your digital footprint is a smart idea because potential companies, colleges, and other people can check on your online identification. Once you have left a footprint, it is always there, it does not get washed away by time and tide.

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