Why Hackers Exist and Their Motives

It’s a small world afterall. By connecting people and businesses around the globe, technological advancements have shrunk the size of the planet. Unfortunately, cybercrime is one new danger that has emerged with the rise of digital technology. While there are tons of types of cybercrimes; in this article, we’ll try to chop up details into pieces by focusing on a single kind of cybercrime, which is hacking.

A popular definition of hacking is the illegal use of computer systems and networks to steal information or cause disruption. Although not all hacking is done with bad intentions, the term is often used to refer to illicit activities and data theft by cybercriminals. Cybersecurity hackers use computers, smartphones, tablets, and networks to harm or destroy systems, acquire user data, steal data and documents, or disrupt data-related activities. Therefore, it is also better to have a separate number for any online verifications to keep personal numbers private. But after gaining your information, what’s in it for them? 

Common Motives of Hackers:

1. Demands for ransom 

There have been incidents when hackers have disabled a website and demanded payment (often in Bitcoin) to restore normal operation. If the website owner doesn’t pay, the hackers may release private information such as client payment details or passwords that might damage the company’s image.

2. Disruption to get attention

Hackers like these don’t care for financial gain or information security; they’re motivated by something more profound, like getting their message across or drawing attention to negative behavior. This is also referred to as “Hacktivism” and describes hackers who are motivated by a cause. They feel compelled to reveal sensitive data on their own. For some, hacking is a way to get their voices heard, make a difference, and further their agendas.

3. Threat Assessment 

We’ve mentioned that not all hackers are bad, right? That’s because there’s a process called vulnerability scanning, which is a method used to assess the state of security in a network or computer system. Administrators of computer networks often use this safety mechanism to assess their system’s weak points and strengthen them.

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