How to spot that you hired a bad freelancer?

Everyone makes mistakes, it is OK.  Catching these mistakes early on is important, and then fixing them quickly and assertively is even more important. Have you ever thought or said ‘oops, I think this freelancer is not a good idea’? Hiring the right freelancer can be a tricky process for your business. It will often take time to find an individual who has all the skills and attributes you need for your project. Of course, once they’re onboard, there’s no assurance that you’ve got the right person. There will be times when you get it wrong.

It’s important to recognise when this happens so you can take appropriate action. With over 2 million freelancers in the United Kingdom, how could you guarantee you have the right one? Before we begin any deeper, it is important to keep in mind that there is no perfect freelancer, such that there is no ideal client for them too. No one is perfect but not all are bad. 

Here are two key warning signs to watch out for as you start working with a newly hired freelancer:

Sloppy Communication 

  • Communication is a vital factor to every businesses.Without proper communication, the flow of the business might end badly and this is not what we want. Once hiring a freelancer, observe the way they reach out to you. Do they use jargon and buzzwords to impress you? Or do they speak in plain and direct language? A freelancer with good communication skills and a solid grasp of their specialty should be comfortable and confident in identifying solutions and backing up their recommendations with solid reasons why they should be considered. 


  • A person who can’t manage to sort things out can be a problem in the future. It is understandable that freelancers handle other clients too but this should not be an excuse to tolerate unpreparedness. Thus, keep your eyes open for freelancers who are consistently stressed, annoyed, or overwhelmed. This can be a clear sign that they are not well suited to work on your project.

If you get past these 2 initial concerns and you start to work with them, you can build up trust, reliability and focus so that you get the most out of this freelance experience.  Freelancing afterall, has a lot of benefits. You just need to maximise these benefits.

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