Innovation For The Home Office

By minimizing commuting times and improving attention, flexible work arrangements can help to promote work-life balance. Employees may, however, experience declining returns at a certain point of working remotely. Unfortunately, we live in an unpredictable world where the only permanent thing is change. Things change in a matter of seconds, and the person who adjusts fastest is the one who thrives.

Working from home can drain one’s productivity but this is normal. In fact, all work is draining, especially when it becomes a daily routine. But today is different, we are facing a pandemic and we are all affected in different ways by the COVID-19 virus brought upon us. If you are working from home, having the right setup can help you stay on top of the game. So, we’ll show you how to create the ideal work-from-home environment for optimum efficiency.

According to Mindspace’s Workplace Productivity Trends research, over 33% of participants agree their workplaces are boring. As a result of the absence of workplace improvements, almost 25% of employees believe their bosses don’t value their well-being.

Innovation for the home office is a must and should not be taken lightly. So where do you begin? 

It is not how it looks in the movies. Remote workers are not swinging from Hammocks and sitting on a beach. It is not all “work when you want and where you want”. It is not easy, and it can often mean working from the kitchen table, sitting on stools, or at desks that are not ergonomically designed for long periods of dedicated work. 

Poor workplace arrangement may have a negative impact on your performance as well as your wellness like getting deteriorating eyesight, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, back and neck pain, or, most significantly, bad body posture problems and bad backs. For innovation, you must consider comfort for your home office. Find a spot that gives you the most energy and convenience to work. 

You may want to upgrade your home office by investing in things that will boost your productivity. 

  1. Ergonomic office chair
  2. Office Table
  3. Desk lamp
  4. Noise cancellation headphones
  5. Computer

There are several office tidy gadgets and holders that can make your office pretty, and functional.

If you are working for a reason, put that reason in the forefront of your mind. Maybe you have children and you are working to look after them.  Maybe you are working to save for a holiday – have a picture of the beach that you are going to. Maybe you are working to pay off your debt, keep focused on your debt, and the amount that it is reducing by each month.  Focusing on the reason, whilst being comfortable, and sitting in a well lit place, can help you get through these tough times.

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